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Published: September 9, 2020

Devils Lake Basin Joint Board contributes to Lake Region State College’s Precision Ag education building project

The Devils Lake Basin Joint Water Resource Board of Directors presented Lake Region State College with a contribution of $50,000 to assist the Hofstad Precision Ag Building fund.

Since its inception in 1979 the Devils Lake Basin Joint Water Resource Board has recognized the importance of agriculture to the Basin and how water management and agriculture are tied so closely together. In fact, Agriculture is one of the four primary project areas of the Basin Water Management Plan, along with Recreation, Fish and Wildlife, and Economic Development. The Devils Lake Basin Joint Water Resource Board is made up of representatives of Water Resource Districts from counties within the
Devils Lake Basin and currently include; Cavalier, Eddy, Nelson, Pierce, Ramsey, Towner, and Walsh Counties.

Randy Benson, Chairman of the Devils Lake Basin Joint Water Resource Board from Towner County stated “the contribution is significant and unique for many reasons and the Joint Board is honored to be part of this project.”

Benson went on to say “…having the Hofstad name associated with the project was another significant reason as Curt was a strong support of water resource districts and basin-wide water management.” Hofstad was a past member of the Ramsey County Water Resource District and the North Dakota State Water Commission. He was a member of the State Legislature and served on the Water Topics Overview Committee at
the time of his death. “He was a huge player in the local, state, and federal water world and so very knowledgeable when it came to water management, and he was always doing what was best for the Devils Lake Basin,” Benson added.

Jeff Frith, Manager of the Devils Lake Basin Joint Water Resource Board commented when the board heard that they had an opportunity to be a part of the new Precision Ag Education building, they were extremely excited as all board members believe that precision agriculture practices have many, far-reaching benefits for the entire Devils Lake Basin. Board members noted that 124 out of the 180 graduates of the Precision Ag program were from the eight counties that make up the Devils Lake Basin, they knew
making a contribution would benefit the entire Basin and all who live there.

Dr. Doug Darling, LRSC president, said he’s been amazed at the support from industry and organizations tied to the Lake Region. “Water holds a vital role in agriculture. Farmers and ranchers steward area waterways as
they care for the land. The LRSC Precision Ag program will educate future producers and agribusiness employees giving them additional skills and tools to protect land and water resources. Having the support of the Devils Lake Basin Joint Water Resource Board is significant in helping us reach our fundraising goal. Their support attests to the impact agriculture has on the entire region.”